Open Source is a classic metroidvania with a twist: the player must reprogram the game. At any time, the player can pause Open Source and edit the game's actual source code. The game plays like MegaMan X with unique code-based puzzles!  


This game requires the use of a keyboard and mouse.


This game was created as a submission for the Meta Game Jam.

The idea was to create a game that allows the player to play a game while manipulating its source code. 

The game seems to have some potential as a learning tool.


Press TAB to change to the console.

Type the following and press ENTER.


The console should output a string that looks something like this:

    cam:[Camera Object],
    player:[Player Object],
    npcs: [Array],
    doors: [Array],
    bullets: [Array],
    items: [Array],

This output is a detailed report of all of the values that exist inside of the scene object. It is in a format called JSON.

If you right-click on any game object, the console will output a variable. You can use that variable to access the game object.

Right-click on your player avatar. Notice the following output:

you clicked on player

Interesting. Let's take a peek into the player object. If you type in player in console, you'll see something like the following output:

    wantsToJump : false,
    wantsToDash : false,
    wantsToCrouch : false,
    wantsToMove : 0,
    weaponAccuracy : 0.8,
    canDoubleJump : false,
    oid : 0,
    pawn : [Pawn object],
    friend : true,
    isPlayer : true,
    wantsToShoot : false,

Let's change some of these values... Try the following commands in the console:



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Played it just for a while so far but definitely liked the concept.

More GIFs from the gameplay:


Has potential.