A downloadable game for Windows

A tower defense game for Ludum Dare.

Defend your robot base from the swarms of invading fantasy monsters!

Each tower has looping behavior that can be "programmed" with cards.

WASD to move camera
Mouse click to select
Mouse wheel to zoom


Some things that are broken / missing:

* New enemies don't spawn in yet
* Different Power Sources don't yet affect Tower projectiles
* Aim card does nothing (these are removed for now)
* Missing gold / currency drops & pickups
* Pause menu
* Main menu / title screen


This game designed and built by Ethan, Sam, and Nick.

Install instructions

Download the zip and extract all of its contents. Run the EXE file.

ALT+F4 to quit.


LoopyTowers-0.1.1.zip 125 MB

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