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After the apocalypse, cats will come to rule the world. From a sprawling city of cat tree skyscrapers to the depths of ancient crypts, go on a journey to take down the Kitty Necromancer.

We made a game in 7 days. Is it good? Probably not. Check it out anyways!

It's an arcade, twin-stick shooter (as of v0.2 it is now over-the-shoulder) RPG. Many of our features and levels didn't make it into the week-long jam entry, but it you like the game, maybe we'll keep working on it.

The game is designed to play with and Xbox controller, but it should work with mouse and keyboard , too.

Xbox Controller

  • Aim & Shoot: right thumb stick
  • Cycle Weapons: bumpers (shoulders)
  • Turn Camera: triggers
  • Move: left thumbstick
  • Jump: bottom face button (A on Xbox)
  • Cheetah Speed: right face button (B on Xbox)
  • Use Items: d-pad directions

Keyboard + Mouse

  • Aim & Shoot: mouse
  • Cycle Weapons: mouse wheel
  • Turn Camera: Q & E
  • Move: WASD
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Cheetah Speed: Left Shift
  • Use Items: 1, 2, 3, 4


KingKitty v0.2 141 MB
KingKitty v0.1 140 MB

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