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I know why you're here. You've heard it, haven't you? Yes, of course! First it was the nightmares, yes the endless nightmares! Then the days and days without sleep?

Yes, yes! And now you've heard the the whispers. My friend, you are not crazy. No! Rejoice and do not be afraid! For They have deemed you worthy. And with their blessing, the gateway will open!

Don't you see? You'll get to cross over! Yes, yes!! To Their realm. You'll get to see it and feel it. Throughout you and into the depths of your soul! Yes! Cross over and bless them! Yes, restore the ancient powers!! Serve them, and bring them glory! All will suffer and feel their wrath!! YES!

What it is
A roguelite platformer with procedural generation, fast gameplay and a creepy aesthetic.

Goal of Game

Collect all the mcguffins to raise an Ancient One.

EDIT: In the 0.3 release, there are a few significant bugs. Some key features are broken, including procedural generation. It appears that every run uses the same world seed. I've patched some of the bugs, but I cannot update the submission until after the game jam finishes.

How To Play - Controls

Movew a s d
Jumpspace bar
Spritleft shift
Interact / Pickupe
Use Itemleft click
Next / Prev Itemmouse wheel

About the Project
This game is an entry for the 2020 Epic MegaJam. Our amazing team consists of:

  • Gunnar
  • Arri
  • Sam
  • Nick Pattison

Thanks to everyone who's helped by playing our game and giving us great feedback!

Install instructions

  1. Unpack the zip.
  2. Right click on the MyProject.exe and choose Properties. Turn on the Unblock option and apply your settings.
  3. Double-click on MyProject.exe to play!


DarkPlatformer-0.3.zip 193 MB

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