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Sneak across the city rooftops, dodge missiles, and fend off a hoard of sentry bots. Luckily you have a shotgun, pulse rifle, rocket launcher, and hack pistol. Oh, and there's your ThreatVision and Jetpack cyber enhancement.

Jump / JetpackSpace
ShootLeft click
Look down sightsRight click
Switch weaponsMouse wheel
Toggle "Threat Vision"Q


Original prototype by made in 1 week for DAGD's 2019 SPRING BREAK jam. The theme was "cyberpunk".

Ferris students from DAGD 300, DAGD 260, and DAGD 310 and made contributions.

Updated 6/01 - Major updates:

  • All City level areas were redistributed into streaming sub-levels
  • All blueprints rebuilt and optimized
  • Materials optimized
  • Meshes optimized with LODs
  • Chunks of the city rebuilt / redesigned
  • Added new upgrade station UI

Updated 3/31 - Major updates:

  • Reduced actor count by thousands of instances (by building actors that use InstancedStaticMesh components to procedurally generate large amounts of meshes where appropriate, eg. fences and railings).
  • Started creating LODs for most static meshes
  • Tom organized / fixed issues with District 7 (thanks Tom!)
  • Organized / fixed issues with District 44
  • Exported / cropped / reimported 150 images for Terminal GUIs
  • Started rebuilding / fixing issues with Terminal
  • Added cutscene from other mainmenu to the beginning of the game

Updated 20 days ago

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the folder.
  2. Right click CyberCity.exe, choose properties, and unblock the file.
  3. Run the CyberCity.exe file.


CyberCity-0.5.zip 638 MB


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We found a bug where you exit to menu and when reentering a level, the game freezes

Thank you Lukes!